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29 November 2007, St. Thomas

Well, the wave field extended until the Puerto Rican coast and we had to sail through the whole length of it. Mother Nature was not helping and the waves kept coming until about 6 am in the morning, when it started to dampen out as the swell was becoming confused. That meant that two wave…   read more of “29 November 2007,…”

28 November 2007. At Sea.

During the morning we made good progress and we were nicely on schedule for a timely arrival in St Thomas. However in the afternoon a North Atlantic wave field came towards us with heights of about 8 to 10 feet, with peaks to 12 feet, and this made the ship start to pitch and that…   read more of “28 November 2007….”

27 November 2007. At Sea.

27 November 2007.  At Sea.

Today is our second regular sea day and again we were blessed with beautiful weather. Advice from the engine room is positive about progress being made with improving the output on the propellers and thus the speed but it will be a few days before it will make a significant difference. As I already “blogged”…   read more of “27 November 2007….”

25 November 2007, Tampa.

With the speed that we were able to make we arrived nicely on time at the Tampa pilot station. The speed even improved over the past days, so that was good news and gives hope for tomorrow. When sailing in, Tampa Bay showed itself from it best side by being nearly windless. You do not…   read more of “25 November 2007,…”

24 November 2007, At sea

Today was our regular day at sea. This is also the last day of the cruise and with all the activities that go with it. It was a windy but sunny day and most guests were either out in the sun or enjoying what the daily program was offering. Let me give you an oversight…   read more of “24 November 2007,…”