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29 April, Venice.

The ship spent the night in Venice and this morning the disembarkation started. For some guests very early (like 5 am.), depending on what time their flights were leaving. For those staying in Venice there was not such a hurry of course. Getting to a hotel in downtown Venice is different from the rest of…   read more of “29 April,…”

27 April, at sea.

After so many days of going ashore and seeing the sights, this was a day to rest and to enjoy life on board the Veendam again. Although the sort of resting depends upon what you want to do while on board. The cruise director packs the sea day full with activities and that means that…   read more of “27 April, at…”

26 April, Katakolon.

I had not been to Katakolon for a long time and was looking forward to see how it had developed as it is a lovely little place to call at. During my last call they were developing new docks and as were going to dock, good progress must have been made. Katakolon is located at…   read more of “26 April,…”

April 25, Pireaus

Pireaus is the gate-away to the capital of Greece, Athens. City of antiquity with the Acropolis as the worldwide known landmark. For us on the bridge Pireaus is not a port as such, it is a happening, especially the approach. The port entrance is very narrow and there is a constant coming and going of…   read more of “April 25,…”

23 April, Rhodos.

The island of Rhodos, also spelled Rhodes or Nissos Rodos is located just a few miles South of the Turkish mainland. As a matter of fact you can see the Turkish mountain ranges quite clearly from the town. The port of Rhodos is located on the most North Eastern tip of the island and situated…   read more of “23 April,…”