Newbie Crew Members Inducted During King Neptune Ceremony

Newbie Crew Members Inducted During King Neptune Ceremony

On Maasdam’s 49-day Amazon cruise, we were fortunate enough to cross the equator on February 2. This naturally called for a King Neptune Ceremony. We found a number of lucky crew members, who had never crossed the equator before and invited them to the ceremony. We were also able to introduce our youngest “crew member,” Thomas Burden, who is the son of our 3rd officer, Laura Burden. In the photos you can see how much everyone enjoyed this fun ceremony and how thankful they were for being able to say: I crossed the equator.

Kiss the Fish 2

Kiss the Fish 1

Jaime de Castro-van der Loo is Maasdam’s human resources manager.


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  1. Shanna Schultz February 18, 2013 at 5:42 pm - Reply

    We were able to participate in this ceremony a couple years ago, on a transatlantic from the Mediterranean to Brazil and we had a great time (though my husband got a little upset about me kissing the fish…he is a bit of a germaphobe)…

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