Mama Lou’s ‘Name the Bear’ Contest

Mama Lou’s ‘Name the Bear’ Contest

Mama Lou is one of Ryndam’s favorite guests and has been traveling with us for many years. In October we were lucky enough to offer her a huge teddy bear and don it in a coverall that we all signed. Mama Lou asked the crew of the Ryndam to name this new member of our crew … the winner was Lifestylist Clare Stephenson with the name of Ryndie-Roo (to rhyme with Mama Lou). Mama Lou, upon her return, selected and awarded Clare with a prize for the best name and split 30 pounds of candy among all the other participants.

Mama Lou and Clare with Ryndie-Roo.

Verlie Nelson is Ryndam’s human resources manager.


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  1. Dawn Marie Renaker-Cooper January 9, 2011 at 10:22 pm - Reply

    MaMa Lou made my holiday cruise very special. I just want you to know what an Asset she is to the Holland America Fleet. She can’t say enough about how WONDERFUL her time is with Holland America. I am so lucky to have met her and enjoy every day with her for 14 days. The stories, the history is amazing. SHE is a wonderful person and I can’t wait to cruise with her again. I am sending her a load of pictures to her house to give out to the employees, staff and entertainers. MaMa lou is a house hold name now.. THANKS again for making it special. It really was because of MaMa Lou !!!

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