Dinner at Casa de Alagia in Lima

Dinner at Casa de Alagia in Lima

Among the many fun things we did was to go to a Candlelight Dinner at Casa de Alagia one evening in Lima. The house was the first colonial building constructed in Lima and belonged to a representative of Queen Isabella. Construction took place in 1543, mud brick walls 4 feet thick covered with stucco, three stories high, solid mahogany wood from Panama, and so on, and took up an entire city block. Every war declaration and peace treaty in Peru’s history was signed in the office in this house, and the house is still occupied today by the 16th generation of the first de Aliaga residents. Today, the home is entered thru large but nondescript wooden doors located between ground floor shops, then a grand mahogany and marble staircase to a 2nd floor courtyard, then an awesome mahogany entranceway into the main part of the house. The family had their own chapel in the house (and a household priest, natch), and a central ground floor garden with an enormous tree that grows all the way up through an open roof. The garden is surrounded by a wide balcony on the 2nd floor, and that is where our dining tables were set up. Dinner was great, and the experience was simply outstanding. — Keith Millard

Casa de Aliaga, outside entrance.

Casa de Aliaga, entrance courtyard.

Casa de Aliaga, entrance staircase.

Casa de Aliaga, family chapel.

Dining for visitors.


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