Digital Workshop: Where in the World Was That Photo Taken?

Special thanks to Zuiderdam’s Techspert Aiden who posted this on the Microsoft Blog.

This is Aiden, techspert on the Zuiderdam, and I am going to share a new and fun way to track your photos and the locations that they were taken. Zuiderdam is just finishing up a 20-day east-bound repositioning cruise through the Panama Canal. Along the way we have stopped at a few ports in Mexico. Each port had its own charm and character, however four years from now I will be lucky to remember that it was Mexico.

Zuiderdam in Mexico

Using Windows Live Photo Gallery and the Geotag feature we can neatly organize our photos by the places that they were taken. This is just one of the many ways to organize our photos library.

Windows Live Photo

How to Add a “GeoTag”

1. The first thing you need to do is to select the photo that you would like to tag. You can select more than one photo at a time, however lets try and GeoTag one photo first.


2. The second step is to pull up the GeoTag option. This is done by selecting the GeoTag button which is located under the Organize section of the tool bar Ribbon.


3. The tagging and information pane appears on the right side of the screen. Then click the “add GeoTag” option. This will provide you a text box to enter the city or town that the photo was taken.

*Please note you will have to have internet access to use this feature.


Windows Live

4. If you ever want to see where that city or town in located on the map, right click the GeoTag, then select “map it.” This will open a new window in Internet Explorer and bring you to Bing Maps. Within a few seconds you are taken from your Photo Gallery to the actual location of the photo.

Windows Live

There are a lot of new cameras out there that have a built in GPS feature. Please consult your manual to find out if your camera has this feature.

Hope this helps to organize and find your photos that you are looking for.

Over and out,

ms Zuiderdam

Holland America Line is a proud partner of Microsoft on the Digital Workshop powered by Windows program.


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