Cruisers Share Stunning Snaps for World Photo Day

Cruisers Share Stunning Snaps for World Photo Day

Today is World Photo Day, and there’s no better way to capture some stunning photos than traveling the world. Holland America Line ships explore all seven continents, from the icebergs of Antarctica to the glaciers of Alaska, from penguins to the Panama Canal. Alaska’s Glacier Bay is the most shared photo we see on our social media channels, but there are many other gorgeous locales around the globe that are beautifully captured.

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos for World Photo Day. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites.

penguins and mountains

Photo by Diana Weston-Goodson.


In the footsteps of Vikings, Nanortalik Greenland 2019. — Di Swart

alaksa glacier from ship

Photo by Robert Olivier.


Antarctica a few years back, penguins everywhere and shots like these. — Gordon Gibson


Photo by Elena Yakovleva.


Eidfjord met Holland America Line’s “Rotterdam.” — Martine Meijer

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay, August 2022. — Wendy Naquin Scioneaux

Panama Canal

Photo of the Panama Canal by Betsy Sarsfield.

Alaska mountain

Currently on an Alaska cruise. Loving every single minute of it! — Koji Culanay

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay 2017. — Sharon DiSandro


Photo by Liz Norris.

If you have any photos you love from your Holland America Line cruises, share them today by tagging @HollandAmericaLine on Instagram, @HALcruises on Twitter and use #HollandAmericaLine and #WorldPhotoDay!

(The hero photo is by Dominique Verdoes.)


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