Cruise Diary: So Many Choices, So Little Time…

Cruise Diary: So Many Choices, So Little Time…

Dutch TV host and adventure seeker Charlotte Squarcy is on board for part of Amsterdam’s Grand World Voyage, and she sent in another post. Enjoy!


I have say that pre-booking excursions, specialty dining, spa appointments, beverage charge cards and choosing wine packages is not only economical, but makes you pause to focus on what you want out of such an overwhelming experience ahead. Well, I can clean my plate with the best of them but I’m staring at more than a month on the calendar and I can’t live like that without a plan — even if I’m surrendering to a blissfully relaxing state of no more frantic decisions.

Luckily, there is now an itinerary on the personal webpage with icons to manage various orders of indulgences, appointments, etc. Now I can plan not to book the fancy restaurant dining and dancing after a day frying on a beach or bouncing around in a 4×4 for five hours to take the penguin colony expedition. I’m actually planning to be more active on the ship — like participating in the Susan B. Koman Walk — and to take sports classes rather than my usual vegetating by the pool on a nine-day Caribbean trip. (Let’s see how long this plan lasts!) So, I’ve pre-ordered a bucket of low-calorie beer for my cabin to reward my good intentions! My point for today is that this trip is what you make of it. Take your books and water-coloring kit out of your suitcase; HAL has provided so many enriching classes like a Tai-Chi instructor and other hosts and instructors to let you recreate yourself. Beats me why the percentage of travelers who haven’t yet taken a cruise is so high…


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