Captain’s Log: Volendam Crew Makes Charitable Donations in Alaska

Captain’s Log: Volendam Crew Makes Charitable Donations in Alaska

After donations from the coin box near the crew office in 2010, and $118 to Love Inc, a Ketchikan food bank in June 2011, the initiative was taken to hold a concentrated coin collection drive in the month of July 2011 for Love Inc. again. The incentive was that whatever the crew and officers would donate from the coins always laying around their cabins, the ships staff would double that amount and donate that part to Salvation Army and Skagway Paws and Claws Animal Shelter fifty/fifty. The Canadian coins were taken back and exchanged for US money after everything had been counted and sorted ashore and added and the “strange” foreign coins were researched by the culinary operations manager on the internet and he added their value in US money as well for another $9. So this came to a nice grand total of $417!

The First Bank in Ketchikan allowed Love Inc. to use their coin sorting machine for free, where normally a six percent fee is charged. In June the volunteers of Love Inc. spent five hours counting and sorting all the coins we gave them. Whilst helping us to set this all up the secretary of Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska, Judee Mettler was so impressed that she spontaneously added a personal check of $150 to the cause. That brought the grand total to $567 for Love Inc, the local food bank in Ketchikan. The five ship staffers added their $100 each and then two newly joined staff officers also decided to chip in $100 each, so we came up with a total of $1,267 for the Ketchikan and Skagway community on behalf of the Volendam with the help of First Bank and generosity of Judee Mettler. A total of $350 went to the Ketchikan Salvation Army and $350 to Skagway Animal shelters which also takes care of animals found near Hoonah.

Volendam Donation in Alaska

Coin collection in Alaska

Peter Bos is Volendam’s captain.


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