Port Louis, Mauritius

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Mauritius cruises arrive to a remote island nation in the Indian Ocean, off the southeast coast of Africa. In this paradise you can meet hundred-year-old tortoises, swim in crystalline pools beneath cascading waterfalls, or kayak calm lagoons. Tranquil environs are just the beginning of what Mauritius islands offer. It is the former and only known home of the Dodo, a misunderstood bird that enjoyed a bountiful, predator-free life in Mauritius until human settlement drove it to extinction. Mauritius cruises pull into the charming waterfront of Port Louis, the bustling and historic capital. Shop for spices at open-air markets and snack on boulette, Mauritian steamed dumplings. Taxis will transport you to explore the amazing landscapes of Mauritius islands. For a more thrilling adventure, take a helicopter to view an underwater waterfall, an unmissable natural phenomenon.

Top 3: Things to See

1 Coloured Earth Geopark See the towering Chamarel Waterfall and sand dunes with red, purple, and yellow stripes that maintain their hues no matter what.
2 Ebony Forest Spot pink pigeons, echo parakeets, and other endemic flora and fauna at this incredible conservation site.
3 Caudan Waterfront Explore the Blue Penny museum, which has rare stamps and shop for specialty goods at local vendors.

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