A Coruna, Spain

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You are just one in a long line of visitors to A Coruña, Spain. Celts, Romans, Vikings, Moors, Visigoths, English warships and Napoleon’s troops have all passed through this city and verdant region before you. Before departing, each would leave their marks on the landscape and culture of A Coruña—but what has endured are the crashing waves, the rocky cliffs and the people of Galicia.

A Coruña is a wealthy city, the result of industry flourishing around the port. Some visitors may dismiss it as merely a commercial center that shouldn't delay travelers en route to Santiago de Compostela. That's their loss. A Coruña’s subtle allure and attractions can be unlocked with a simple stroll if you know where to go. Walk the waterfront promenade out past the Roman Torre de Hércules and you'll reach the edge of the continent, or you can amble through the narrow cobblestone streets and sights of the Old Town to find cafés and shops, bustling squares and shady gardens. 

Beyond the city of A Coruña itself, this lush corner of Spain can work its ancient magic on any traveler. You'll likely fall under its spell as you listen for the Celtic lilt in the local music, taste briny just-caught seafood and bright regional wines and linger to watch the ocean. If you have any doubts about the captivating power of Galicia, just ask Julius Caesar, Gunrod the Viking or the legendary Celtic king Breogán.

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