Our New England and Canada cruises glide past incredible scenery (hello fall foliage) and stop into historic ports and cities, some well-traveled, some hidden jewels. Enjoy quick 6- to-8-day getaways with convenient Boston departures to the culturally rich Montréal or Québec City. Or make it a longer voyage on cruises to Greenland to see a truly pristine landscape dotted with primary-colored cottages. You can also circumnavigate Iceland on some of these fantastic new cruises. Whatever New England cruise or Canada cruise you choose, amazing is on the itinerary. Explore the early days of the “New World” by walking the grounds of significant battles and touring fascinating sites you’ll remember from history books. On our popular Nova Scotia cruises from Boston, munch on fresh seafood and tap your toe along to a fiddler. Or roam the rolling hills, sandy beaches, and Victorian houses of Prince Edward Island. From lighthouses set against the golden summer sun to the most vibrant fall foliage imaginable, a vacation in New England and Canada packs in a lifetime of memories. 

Cruises From Boston

Before cruising out of Boston, take in the sights. Meander the streets to find historic wonders and modern neighborhoods; stores and restaurants with old-time character; and gracious green spaces as well as a beautiful waterfront.

Cruises From Montreal, Quebec

Cruises from Montréal are steeped in history and culture. Experience Canada and New England coastal charms on cruises from Montréal to Boston.

Cruises From Quebec City, Quebec

A Québec City cruise is unforgettable. Amble up the St. Lawrence to Atlantic coastal splendors ablaze with color and alive with tales of the past.

Featured Canada & New England Cruise Ports

Bar Harbor, Maine, US

Our Canada and New England cruise takes you to Bar Harbor, the quintessential New England coastal town. Picturesque and charming, it is a scenic and walkable town.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

On your cruise to Canada, the port of Charlottetown is the capital of Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island. This modestly sized city has an impressive number of Victorian houses.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

In Halifax—Nova Scotia’s provincial capital, explore the waterfront on this part of your Canada cruise. Savor the culinary scene for fresh seafood.

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Experience Sydney, Nova Scotia while on your Canada cruise. Some of the city’s historic houses and churches date back to the 1700s and are open for tours. Restaurants often provide live music.

Featured Shore Excursions

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