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Invergordon (Inverness), Scotland, United Kingdom

Welcome to the Highlands, the wildest and least trammeled region in the entire United Kingdom. Inverness is considered the Highland capital and, while a very small city by international comparisons, it does offer more than a few hours of enjoyment and entertainment with first-class restaurants among its attractions.

Just outside Inverness is a trove of Scottish and Celtic history, myth and natural beauty amid unspoiled glens, mountains, lochs, rivers and more. Most famous among the attractions is no doubt the legendary (and likely imaginary) Loch Ness Monster, though for the less frivolous traveler, the sites associated with Scottish history will hold more appeal. For example, the Culloden Battlefield, where the 1746 stand-off between Bonnie Prince Charlie and the army of the Hanoverian King in London put the nail in the coffin of any Jacobite rebellion—and led to years of Highland repression to ensure no further uprising ensued.

The port of Invergordon is only a short drive from charming villages such as Fortrose with its ancient cathedral ruins or Rosemarkie where the Groam House Museum will show you the remarkable prehistoric art of Scotland's aboriginals, the Picts.

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