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A view of the city of Port Haifa in Israel

Haifa (Tel Aviv), Israel

Haifa, the largest city in northern Israel, has an enviable location, built along the slopes of Mount Carmel, overlooking the Mediterranean. The port is also a gateway to a region with an almost unreal collection of captivating historic sites and natural beauty—snowcapped mountains, undeveloped wilderness and diverse, culturally rich cities that trace their histories back to ancient empires. In fact, the area can claim some of the oldest continuously occupied sites in the world, as well as archaeological ruins where ancient Roman, early Christian and Byzantine relics have been unearthed all within feet of each other.

For many travelers, Haifa and the surrounding area offer the chance to visit sites associated with the life of Jesus. Travelers can follow in his footsteps in Nazareth and along the Sea of Galilee. Others are drawn by the area’s natural wonders and scenic beauty, such as the forests and volcanic hills of the Golan Heights. Wherever you turn and whatever draws you to Haifa, you’ll find fascinating multicultural cities where Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities thrive side by side.

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