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Tolanaro, Madagascar

Tolagnaro, Madagascar (also known as Fort Dauphin) sits on a promontory jutting into deep blue sea, backed by emerald mountains. Dry days, rare flora and fauna, and history as Madagascar’s oldest town make it an unforgettable stop on Africa cruises. Madagascar cruises are full of life and you’ll witness some incredible natural wonders in Tolagnaro. Lemurs bounding through thickets. Baobab trees standing tall and mighty in the soft glow of violet sunsets. Shy chameleons and huge crocodiles. Upon arrival to this this Africa cruise port, taxis and taxi-brousse (bush taxis) will take you on a bumpy ride to a specific destination or you can walk into town. Hungry visitors will find hot French baguettes and fresh fish at the market. 

Top 3 Things to Do in Tolagnaro, Madagascar

1 Andohahela National Park Hike varied terrain and encounter several species of lemurs, as well as rare birds and tropical plants.
2 Lokaro Beach Cross a sandbar to an island or repose in total seclusion on this hidden beach that’s only accessible via 4x4.


Domaine de la Cascade Take a dip in a crystal waterfall and enjoy a paradisal hardwood forest that also creates jobs for the community.

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