In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Volendam is chartered by the Dutch government to remain docked in the City of Rotterdam for 3 months and provide temporary housing for approximately 1,500 displaced Ukrainians. This charter is later extended by an additional 2½ months.

Heineken King’s Day

Holland America Line designs a commemorative collector’s bottle of Heineken premium lager in honor of Koningsdag (King’s Day), celebrated in the Netherlands every April 27 to mark the birthday of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander. Holland America Line features premium beer on board all 15 of its ships in recognition of the companies’ shared Dutch heritage.

Ship of Tomorrow

1940: Dubbed the “ship of tomorrow” for her modern ocean liner design, Holland America Line’s elegant Nieuw Amsterdam II is converted into a military vessel. She goes on to carry 400,000 troops and travel 500,000 miles during World War II.

Ellis Island

1873–1898: During its first 25 years in operation, Holland America Line makes 1,300 transatlantic crossings and carries nearly half a million passengers. Thanks to the care shown to its guests both before and during the voyage, nearly 99% of immigrants traveling from Europe to the U.S. on board Holland America Line are cleared for entry at Ellis Island.