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Portrait - Rijksmuseum

Thérèse Schwartze, Portrait of a Young Woman, with 'Puck' the Dog, 1879 – 1885

Rijksmuseum at Sea, created by Rijksstudio, brings the beauty and wonder of Amsterdam's grand museum onboard. Named the European Museum of the Year in 2015, the Rijksmuseum houses 8,000 beautiful treasures in a sequence of 80 galleries that tell the story of 800 years of Dutch art and history, from the Middle Ages to Mondrian.

Much more than a floating art museum, Rijksmuseum at Sea is a creative salon where guests can be inspired by the museum’s collection to create their own works of art – through drawing, photography or just doodling. Every day, guests will experience a new masterpiece and learn a new technique. We’ll supply the sketch pads, pencils, inspiration and encouragement.

When you draw, you see things you never noticed before. You see proportions, details, colors, lines. Much like what happens when you travel aboard a cruise ship; it's all about the journey.

Rijksmuseum at Sea will feature a bright studio space featuring life-sized reproductions of artworks from the Rijksmuseum, drawing tables, sketch books, pencils, friendly instructors and everything guests need to create their own masterpieces.

Rembrandt - Rijksmuseum

Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, Night Watch, 1642

Still Life - Rijksmuseum

Joachim Bueckelaer, Kitchen Piece, in the background Jesus with Martha and Mary, 1569

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