Our highest priority is you

On a Holland America Line cruise, our staff is devoted to your comfort.

Gracious Service

What differentiates a great meal from a truly magical dining experience? Our warm, highly competent wait staff. They ensure that each course flows seamlessly into the next and that you're completely comfortable throughout.

Attentive Service

How does your stateroom tidy itself whenever you leave? Why does your drink arrive seconds before you realize it's just what you wanted? Our staff has the uncanny ability to anticipate your every need and desire.

Efficient Service

Whether it's making dinner reservations, scheduling a massage, signing up for a popular shore excursion or attending to your laundry, our concierge service takes care of these tasks so you're free to enjoy yourself.

Gold: Best Mid-Sized Cruise Line
23 "Top-5" Placements
Best Overall Cruise Value
Best Entertainment: Mid-Sized Ships
Ranked #1 Best Onboard Dining
Best Private Island
Super Hall of Fame
Best Shore Excursions
Among Highest-Rated Cruise Lines
International Five Star Diamond Award
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