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Onboard Wonder with BBC Earth Experiences
We have partnered with BBC Earth to bring you unforgettable new ways to experience the world’s natural wonders. Through the innovative and breath-taking programming, guests will be taken closer to the ocean and natural world through a groundbreaking concert, films, game shows, trivia, children's activities and feature cruises.


Alaska in Concert

"Alaska in Concert" is a musical spectacle celebrating Alaska–one of the last great wildernesses. Combining live music set against a backdrop of mesmerizing footage from the BBC Earth television series, "Wild Alaska," audiences will experience the cycle of four seasons and see this place is as unforgiving as it is beautiful. Book Now

Orchestra performing

Frozen Planet Live: A Visual and Musical Journey

Be transported to the majestic wilderness of the Polar Regions. This concert combines live music against a backdrop of the breath-taking footage from the landmark BBC Earth television series, "Frozen Planet."

Panda in the wild

BBC Earth Featured Cruises

Join us on one of several cruises featuring BBC Earth and meet some of the talented people behind your favorite BBC Earth shows. From cameramen to producers and presenters, BBC Earth show creators will be on hand to share their stories and expertise. Book Now

Lion and cubs in the wild

Amazing Fact Show

Specifically designed for Club HAL tweens, discover amazing facts about animals, dinosaurs and sea creatures.

Duckling quacking

What on Earth!

Test your knowledge in an exciting new game show uncovering the weird, wonderful and obscure in our natural world.


Trivia from Earth

Test your natural history trivia with BBC Earth’s "Trivia from Earth." From general earth trivia, to earth record breakers, each quiz will equip you with surprising and entertaining new facts.

Photographer taking a photo

Inside Earth

Inside Earth is a series of films that provide insight into how the BBC’s extraordinary content is captured. Each episode includes stories from different television series and locations. Key members of the production team recount their personal tales of the challenges they faced, the wonders they experienced and the unexpected encounters whilst filming some of our most memorable programs.

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