Digital Workshop™ Powered by Windows

Turn yourself into a digital pro
Guests on Holland America Line cruises can learn how to display and share their vacation memories in free Digital Workshop powered by Windows® classes. Available on all ships, these complimentary classes are led by trained Digital Workshop Hosts.

Learn New Skills

Days at sea are the perfect time to explore new skills, from video-editing techniques to mastering the art of digital photography. Learn how to capture, enhance and organize images of your favorite travel memories.

Available Classes

Depending on your interests, you may want to attend all of the workshops or just a few. Each one is offered multiple times and days throughout your cruise. An additional Q&A session will be available every day. Afterward, we invite you to fill out a survey on your experience in the workshop.

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Digital Workshop Available Classes

The jargon-free interactive classes include:

  • Store and Share with OneDrive
  • Bring Photos to Life
  • Windows 10 Essentials
  • Find the Right Device for You
  • Windows 10 Security & Hello
  • Learn to Use Your Digital Camera
  • Get Creative with Paint 3D
  • Express Yourself with Windows Ink
  • Collaborate with OneNote

Guests can choose to attend all or just some of these 45-minute workshops, each of which will be offered at various times and days throughout each cruise. Multiple workshops will be held every day. In addition, Q&A Time with your Digital Workshop Host will be available every day.

Please fill out this survey about your Digital Workshop class on a completed sailing.

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Classroom Handouts

Review and print downloadable PDFs of all the handouts you receive in class. They’re sure to come in handy when you want to replicate, at home, the video- and photo-editing techniques you learned on board.

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Whether you’re a seasoned videographer or a novice with a new digital camera, our pros are ready to help. Here are some frequently asked questions you may have before, during or after you’ve taken the workshop.

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Digital Workshop FAQ

How much does it cost to take a Digital Workshop class?
Classes are completely complimentary, on a first come first serve basis–no sign up required.

Where is the Digital Workshop on board?
The Digital Workshop is in different locations depending on what ship you are cruising on, if you can’t find it ask any member of staff and they can guide you in the right direction. Make sure find it on your first day on board as your first day at sea will most likely fill up quickly!

What if I miss a class I really wanted to attend due to other conflicts?
The most popular classes are generally repeated if the time conflicts with shore excursions, other ship activities or if there is no space remaining. You can always ask your Digital Workshop Host when a class will be repeated during our daily Q & A Times, however not every class can be repeated due to cruise length.

What’s a Q&A Time?
Q&A Time is held every day so you can speak to your Digital Workshop Host one on one, ask questions or just use the Digital Workshop computers to practice what you’ve learnt in class.

Can I practice on my own machine?
Absolutely! If you have a Windows device of your own you are most welcome to bring it.

What about my iPad?
The Digital Workshop is sponsored by Microsoft so all of our classes are Microsoft-based. However many of the skills we teach in terms of OneDrive, photo editing, etc., can be transferred to non-Windows devices.

What if I forget everything when I get home?
When you take part in a class you’ll be given a paper handout to take home with you. You can also download a digital copy all our handouts from our website!

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