America's Test Kitchen


Work side-by-side with an America’s Test Kitchen Host to learn culinary techniques—from making pie dough to pasta—in these 90-minute workshops.* Designed exclusively for Holland America Line, this new culinary programming is currently available on select ships and is expected to roll out fleet wide by the end of 2017.

Cake Decorating

A few key tools and simple techniques can turn any baker into a cake boss. Learn from a pro and enjoy a lovely slice of cake.

Homemade Pasta

Learn to make pasta in a food processor, roll it with a hand-cranked machine and turn sheets of it into tender ravioli.

Perfect Pies

Discover the best method, ingredients and techniques for making a tender, flaky, beautiful crust—with or without a pie plate.

All About Eggs

Explore egg basics: how to crack them, separate yolks from whites, fry them, and make aioli, deviled eggs and meringues.

*A nominal fee is charged for the workshops.

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