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                                    Glacier Bay National Park

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                                    Holland America Line has been exploring the pristine waters of Glacier Bay since before it was even a national park. Today, each ship that sails into these spectacular glacial fjords has ranger naturalists who board early in the morning and offer our guests a unique glimpse into one of the largest protected wilderness areas in North America.

                                    In an unprecedented effort to document the many unique splendors of this national treasure for our guests, Holland America has teamed up with the National Park Service to produce exclusive one-on-one interviews with Glacier Bay’s foremost experts on a wide range of fascinating topics.

                                    Radio personalities and hosts of our Art Tours, Paul Lasley and Elizabeth Harryman bring you inspiring insights into this land of scenic and natural wonders. They worked with the National Park’s rangers, scientists and naturalists who gave generously of their time to allow you this rare insider’s view into the science and wild beauty of Glacier Bay National Park.

                                    Download all 16 of the Glacier Bay Ranger Podcasts, or the specific podcast that interests you, onto your personal iPod®, MP3 or portable media player before you embark on your Holland America Line Alaska cruise to Glacier Bay. Pre-loaded Glacier Bay Ranger Podcasts are also available on board.

                                    These podcasts are copyrighted productions of Holland America Line and are intended for the sole enjoyment of our guests.

                                    1: Welcome & Tips

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                                    Cherry Payne, former Glacier Bay National Park Superintendent shares her insights on what makes the park so special. Then Park Ranger Randy Thomas provides some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your Glacier Bay cruise experience.

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                                    2: Wilderness

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                                    Join Park Ranger Marylou Blakeslee as she shares her thoughts on how wilderness areas such as Glacier Bay enrich our lives.

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                                    3: A Park for Science

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                                    Lewis Sharman, park ecologist at Glacier Bay coordinates the park’s multi-faceted research program. Discover why Glacier Bay attracts so many researchers from around the world and what they study.

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                                    4: For Kids

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                                    Steve Schaller, Glacier Bay’s education specialist loves sharing the wonders of Glacier Bay with kids. Listen while Steve describes the rich opportunities for children to experience Glacier Bay at Club HAL during their cruise.

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                                    5: Recreation

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                                    Park Ranger Emma Johnson is a year-round resident of the Glacier Bay area and an avid outdoor enthusiast. On this podcast she highlights the great variety of outdoor activities that Glacier Bay offers in all seasons.

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                                    6: Native Perspectives

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                                    Ken Grant serves as a management assistant at Glacier Bay, and he is also a respected Tlingit elder. The Tlingit People have a strong connection to their Glacier Bay homeland and Ken shares that priceless insight with us here.

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                                    7: Early Exploration

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                                    When the early explorers first sighted Glacier Bay, it was more glacier than bay. Join Park Ranger Kevin Richards in a lively recounting of the early exploits and expeditions of yesteryear.

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                                    8: Mountains

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                                    Glacier Bay National Park provides an unparalleled opportunity to visit some of the world’s highest mountains by ship. Join Park Ranger Sierra Willoughby to discover how these mountains came to be.

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                                    9: Tidewater Glaciers

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                                    What are the ingredients of a glacier? How do they move? What happens when they meet the sea? Park Ranger Jeff Pietka answers these questions and more to help you understand Glacier Bay’s famous rivers of ice.

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                                    10: Climate Change

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                                    Glaciers around the globe are shrinking, and Glacier Bay is no exception. However, the park remains home to a few healthy and even advancing glaciers. Join Park Ranger Patrick Hair and discover how high coastal mountains and heavy snowfall combine to create conditions favorable to glacier ice, a rarity in today's world.

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                                    11: Bears on the Beach

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                                    For Tania Lewis, a wildlife biologist at Glacier Bay National Park, finding bears is easy. With binoculars and persistence, you too could spot a bear on the beach during your Glacier Bay cruise. Listen as Tania explains what Glacier Bay bears are up to.

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                                    12: Sea Otters

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                                    Sea otters are a highlight for many Alaska cruise passengers. Park Ranger Emily Mount describes how otters flourish in the rich waters of Glacier Bay, and provides tips on spotting these charismatic mammals.

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                                    13: Goats & Bears

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                                    Mountain goats are one of the easiest land mammals to find from the deck of a cruise ship, and Glacier Bay has a healthy population. Listen as Park Ranger Janene Driscoll describes life on a steep mountainside, and offers helpful hints on spotting these agile climbers?

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                                    14: Humpback Whales

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                                    Imagine spending your summer in a small boat among feeding humpback whales. That’s just what Janet Neilson and Chris Gabriele do. As wildlife biologists who can recognize individual whales, they are working to create a complete “who’s who” of Glacier Bay’s whales. Listen and learn of the fascinating lives of these majestic animals, and the steps that the park is taking to protect them.

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                                    15: Birdlife to Watch for

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                                    Glacier Bay is home to abundant birdlife, and it is easy to spot from your ship. Listen as Park Ranger Tom VandenBerg discusses some of the bay’s specialties, including puffins, bald eagles, and flying “potatoes.”

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                                    16: Plants from the Deck

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                                    Glacier Bay was first protected in 1925 as a world famous location to study plant life. What better place to observe how life returns after a glacier has wiped the slate clean? Even from the deck of your ship, changing patterns and colors are easily noticed. Listen as Park Ranger Fay Schaller illuminates the story behind the scenery.

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