Flight Ease - Holland America Line


Government-issued Identification
For security reasons, first and last names on an air booking must match the government-issued identification used for boarding. For guests with Holland America Line’s Flight Ease plan, spelling corrections or name changes may result in a higher air rate, loss of space and/or change fees. Visit www.tsa.gov for more details.

Special Requests
Please contact each airline directly to request meals, oxygen, wheelchair or other airport assistance. Guests traveling with other guests who originate from different cities or who request Flight Ease at different times may not receive routings on the same flights.

Air Schedule Changes
Due to potential last-minute schedule changes, we recommend contacting your airlines directly to reconfirm your flights prior to travel. If schedule changes occur after tickets are issued, Holland America Line may adjust your itinerary or air carriers accordingly.

Air Rates/Air Taxes/Fees
Air rates will be quoted at the time of booking. Air rates are for e-tickets, per person and include all flight taxes and fees. Other charges may be directly assessed by airlines or airports and are the responsibility of the passenger. Once you have booked your flight, please check the airline's website or contact it directly for information regarding baggage fees and other charges. We assume no responsibility for loss, damage or delay while baggage is in the custody of airlines.

Liability and Relation with Airlines
As the air rates we use are based on capacity-controlled, promotional and group fares, we may limit or close sales without prior notice at any time. If, due to any cause beyond our control, the air travel is unavailable or otherwise fails to materialize, our liability will be limited to refunding the air price paid to us. We assume no liability for any acts or omissions of any airline, including, without limitation, those involving cancellation of flights, schedule changes, re-routings, damage to or delay or loss of baggage, flight delays, equipment failures, accidents, pilot or other staff shortages, overbooking or computer errors. The liabilities and obligations of an airline to you, and your rights against an airline, are subject to any and all terms and conditions of the airline’s ticket and tariffs.

Air Changes/Refunds
Prices and availability are not guaranteed until the cruise and air booking are paid in full. Cancelling your cruise/Land+Sea booking for any reason will cancel any air bookings associated with the cruise/ Land+Sea booking, and fees will be applied if applicable.

Flexible Fares
No fees will be charged for changes and cancellations made prior to the cruise final payment due date. Changes to the booking after the cruise final payment due date may require cancellation and rebooking of flights. The original schedule and airfare may no longer be available and a new reservation may need to be created at the current available price. If the current available price exceeds the original airfare, the guest must pay the additional charge. Cancellations after the cruise final payment due date will incur a fee, up to the full cost of the ticket, per ticket. Tickets are nontransferable. In some instances, name changes will not be permitted, and will require cancellation and rebooking of flights. Prices are subject to increase prior to the time you make full payment for your air-inclusive cruise or Land+Sea Journey. Prices are not subject to increase after you make full payment, except for charges resulting from increases in taxes, fees and port expenses.

Restricted Fares
Full payment for air reservation is required at the time of air booking. Tickets are nonrefundable. Any changes will result in the cancellation of the air booking. Cancellation of Restricted Air will incur cancellation fees of the full cost of the ticket. The airline may generate a Future Air Credit (FAC) memo in an amount the airline determines. FACs are notations in the booking that show the guest has an outstanding credit with the airline which can be applied to a future Holland America Line air booking with the same airline or redeemed directly with the airline, typically within 365 days. FACs are non-transferable and nonrefundable. Tickets are nontransferable and name changes are not allowed. FACs only apply to U.S. resident bookings.

Overnight Hotel Accommodations
It may be necessary to overnight guests en route to or from their cruise due to airline schedules and/or availability. If necessary, the cost of hotel accommodations is not included in the air price. Hotels will be selected by Holland America Line and may not be at the port of (dis)embarkation. Guests are responsible for hotel accommodations, meals and items of a personal nature.

For some packages, Flight Ease guests may incur an additional air cost due to a stopover.

Transfers may be purchased from the port city airport to the ship and from the ship to the port city airport on day of embarkation and disembarkation only; and between airport to hotel and hotel to airport. Transfers are available to Flight Ease guests and to guests who have independent flight plans.

Guests with independent flight arrangements who wish to purchase transfers must advise Holland America Line of their flight information at least 14 days prior to departure by completing Online Check-in. Unused transfers are not refundable.

Cruise-only Guests
We recommend that you schedule a minimum of 5 hours both at the beginning and end of your cruise to allow for transfers, customs clearance and airport security checks.

Note: If you purchase air transportation independently from Holland America Line, you will be responsible for any and all expenses incurred when joining the vessel in progress.