Relive History at the Fortress of Louisbourg

  • Port

    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

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  • Excursion Type

    Local Sightseeing, All

  • Wheelchair Accessible


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  • Minimum Age

    Information not currently available.

  • Duration

    Approximately 4 Hours

  • Meals Included


Start your journey with an introduction to the port of Sydney and a panoramic drive through the historic North End.

Step back in time to 1744 and experience the Fortress of Louisbourg -- the largest fortified town outside of Europe. Louisbourg was once a thriving seaport and capital of Île Royale (Cape Breton Island) -- the third-busiest harbor in North America and one of France's key centers of trade and military strength in the New World. Situated along a rocky Atlantic coastline, the site now serves as an exciting and entertaining lesson in Canadian, American, French and British history.

You’ll see a selection of buildings and exhibits as costumed actors re-enact the lives of specific individuals residing here during the pre-siege era. Experience the life of a military officer as you visit the home of Captain and Madame DeGannes. Discuss household duties with the servant in the Engineer’s Residence and discover some tip and tricks for open-hearth cooking (which every domestic cook needs to know of course). Wander up to the spectacular chapel in the King’s Bastion.

Stop and talk to a soldier about his guard duty, living conditions, security and (most interestingly) diet.


Please be advised that the Fortress of Louisbourg has a slightly different program during off season (May, June, September, October). The following "Time Traveller" Program will be in place for your calls during these months: Tour requires a considerable amount of walking. Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress warmly; bring a jacket or windbreaker.