Granada & Albaycin: In Partnership with Food & Wine Magazine

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    Malaga, Spain

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  • Wheelchair Accessible


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    Information not currently available.

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    Approximately 9 Hours

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The Albaycin is a truly gorgeous part of Granada that is often overlooked by visitors. This quarter is one of the oldest settlements in Andalusia and is home to the very famous Alhambra and to the Realejo Jewish neighborhood. It is the flat part of an otherwise hilly city, and was once protected by a city wall.

A two-hour drive from Málaga brings you first to Granada's Carthusian Monastery. If the exterior is a smoldering ember, the inside is a riotous explosion of ornamentation. Its most striking features include the tabernacle, the church and the famous sacristy. The charterhouse also displays an extensive collection of paintings by influential artist Juan Sánchez Cotán.

Next, a short drive brings you to the San Cristobal Viewpoint for an overview introduction to Granada.

You'll visit the part of the Albaycin Quarter that is opposite the Alhambra, perched on a hill and offering amazing views. The Albaycin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a huge labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets, small houses, and noble mansions with amazing gardens. The Albaycín is the old Arab Quarter and it constitutes an entirely separate world in Granada. This is due to the strong Muslim influence still evident here. In fact, the first Muslim zirí courthouse was built in the Albaycín in the 11th century. Your walk through the Albaycín starts near the courthouse, and you will discover the enchanted landscape of this beautiful small town.

Passing the Santa Isabel Monastery, you'll come to San Nicolas Square, famous for its view over the Alhambra. Visit the adjacent gardens of the mosque.

A few yards away, step into Mirador de Morayma Restaurant, featured in Food & Wine and one of chef Mario Batali's favorite spots in Spain for a delicious lunch. Mirador de Morayma is set in a historic house with a lovely garden, and boasts an amazing view over Granada's rooftops, with the famed Alhambra in the distance. It's also home to some of the region's most lauded cuisine. You'll dine onloc al dishes with a modern flair, including pomegranate salad with fried garlic, oxtail croquettes and Iberian pork -- an experience that will satisfy all your senses.

Walk back to San Cristobal and relax on the drive back to the ship at Málaga.


Wear comfortable walking shoes. Travel time to Granada is two hours each way.