Wellness: Landscape & Hot Springs

  • Port

    Keelung (Taipei), Taiwan

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  • Wheelchair Accessible


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  • Minimum Age

    Information not currently available.

  • Duration

    7½ Hours

  • Meals Included


Indulge in Taiwan's natural wonders -- towering mountains in green hues, lush mystical forests, deep rivers and gorges, steaming natural hot springs and moon-like landscapes. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, you will set out on a scenic journey across some gorgeous countryside. As you travel, your guide will tell you about the area's culture, history and geological composition.

Visit Tienlai Hot Springs Resort in Yangmingshan National Park to soak in a hot spring pool. Taiwan is positioned on the 'ring of fire,' which encircles the Pacific Rim, along the border of a series of tectonic plates. Although the volcanoes here are now extinct, beneath lies a huge reservoir of magma that pushes heat up through rocks to the surface, emerging as hot springs and steaming fumaroles. You'll be enveloped by the soothing, milky waters of the mildly alkaline sulfuric hot springs that, some believe, have healing powers. A sumptuous lunch is served at the resort complete with appetizers, a main course of local dishes, dessert and beverages.

Re-board the motor coach for a drive to one of Asia's most unusual landscapes -- Yehliu Geo Park -- famous for its spectacular and bizarre rock formations. Yehliu is a cape that stretches from mountains a mile into the sea. Walk with your guide among this lunar landscape that abuts the pounding sea and feel the amazing, raw power of the millions of years of geological forces that have shaped it. The honeycomb rocks teem with ocean life; there are rocks in the shape of ginger roots, candle rocks with their ball-shaped cores, and more than 180 mushroom rock formations. Among them, you'll find Yehliu's most iconic landmark -- the Queen's Head Rock, resembling the profile of an Egyptian queen. Let your own imagination run wild as you explore the curves and shadows of the rocks to see what familiar shapes you can find here.


Bring your swimsuit, a towel, sunscreen and a hat. Light-colored swimsuits may be discolored by the sulfur naturally present in the hot springs. Wear comfortable walking shoes.