Spirited Garden & O'Sulloc Green Tea Museum

  • Port

    Jeju (Cheju) City, South Korea

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  • Wheelchair Accessible


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    Information not currently available.

  • Duration

    Approximately 4 Hours

  • Meals Included


The Spirited Garden of Bunjae Arpia, renamed in 2007 to coincide with its opening as a garden of international renown, was first planted in 1963 when Seong Beomyeong came to Jeju and cultivated a rocky wasteland. The garden came into the international spotlight after being developed single-handedly by this humble farmer. It has since been visited by many high-profile public figures, including Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao from China, Nakasone from Japan, Kim Yongsun from North Korea, and others. Currently, about 400 planted trees are on display. Hundreds of potted plants are located in the Nature Garden, whose theme is based around water.

Take in the various features of the garden, including stone walls and stacked stone towers made with Jeju volcanic stones. You'll see the largest artificial waterfalls in Jeju here, and a pond that is the home of some super-sized koi carp.

Step inside the O'Sulloc Tea Museum, featuring exhibits of the history and production of tea, a variety of green tea products. An observatory here commands a panoramic view of the largest tea farm in Korea.

Finally, don't miss the Mystery Road, where an optical illusion created by the angles of the surrounding landscape makes it appear that a car left in neutral rolls uphill -- a fascinating phenomenon indeed.


The park is wheelchair accessible but the paths are unpaved. There is a doorstep to negotiate at the restrooms. Wear comfortable walking shoes.