Osaka Castle & Shitennoji Temple

  • Port

    Osaka, Japan

  • Activity Level


  • Excursion Type

    Local Sightseeing, All

  • Wheelchair Accessible


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  • Minimum Age

    Information not currently available.

  • Duration

    Approximately 4 hours

  • Meals Included


Join this tour for an orientation tour of Osaka, with a visit to its special attractions.

You will pass through Osaka's downtown area on the way to the Osaka Castle. Built in 1583 and destroyed just 32 years later, the castle has undergone many reconstructions -- the most recent in 1931.

Next, you will visit Shitennoji Temple, built in AD 593 and believed to be the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan. Although it has been rebuilt many times in its long history, excavations have shown the current layout to be very true to its original design. The temple's great southern gate, central gate, pagoda, main hall and lecture hall are constructed in a straight line -- a design layout called Shitennoji cathedral style. The temple houses six National Treasures and many other items of cultural importance.


Part of Shitenno-ji Temple is currently undergoing restoration work. A visit to the top of the Osaka Castle requires a climb of 230 steps. Participants must walk approximately 15-20 minutes from the coach parking are to the castle. Photography and videography are not allowed inside Osaka Castle on the third and fourth floors. An elevator is available at the castle; however, the elevator does not provide access to the observatory on the upper level (8th floor). There is only one elevator available; expect congestion. Tour requires climbing steep stairs and crossing uneven ground. Not advisable for guests with mobility limitations. Wear comfortable walking shoes. Some of buildings in the temples or shrines area may be closed for repair/renovation without prior notice.