Nazca Lines Flightseeing

  • Port

    General San Martin (Pisco), Peru

  • Activity Level


  • Excursion Type


  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • Cost


    Price over $151
  • Minimum Age

    Information not currently available.

  • Duration

    Approximately 4 Hours

  • Meals Included


Head to Pisco's airport for the flight of a lifetime. You'll take off and chart a course over the desert, in the direction of the world-famous and utterly mysterious Nazca Lines. These are an amazing series of drawings of animals, geometric figures, and birds on the desert floor and on hillsides, ranging up to 1,000 feet in size.

Believed to have been scratched on the surface of the dry Peruvian coastal plain between 500 BC and AD 500, the lines remain one of the greatest enigmas in the field of archaeology. Your flight over this astonishing wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Site lasts approximately 1½ hours.

Although there are land-based viewpoints from which to view the lines, the full impact of these mysterious drawings can only be appreciated from the air. This, of course, raises the question, why is would the Nazca people create pictures best viewed from above if they had no method of viewing them that way themselves? Who were the lines for, and what was their purpose and meaning?

Preserved for an estimated 2,000 years on this desert crust, the lines have prompted many theories. Are they the remnants of a fun and practical pre-Inca irrigation system? Were they a plea from the ancient Peruvians to the gods for help with their farming? Or do they signal some kind of extra-terrestrial intervention or communication -- if you're able to reach a logical conclusion, you'll need to let the scientific community know.

After a short break at the airport, re-board the coach and transfer back to the ship.


Minimum age is 4 years.