Lighthouse & Long Beach

  • Port

    Astoria, Oregon, US

  • Activity Level


  • Excursion Type


  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • Cost


    Price between $101-$150
  • Minimum Age

    Information not currently available.

  • Duration

    Approximately 5½ Hours

  • Meals Included


Your outing today includes the thrill of seeing the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and visiting picturesque beaches, with a brief pause at the Beard's Hollow Overlook en route.

You will step inside the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. This small museum depicts the journey of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery.

The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, located in Washington State, was constructed in 1852 (completed in 1856). This is one of the foggiest places in the world, so the lighthouse serves both form and function. It guards the entrance to the mighty Columbia River. After you've explored, there are plenty of quaint shops and many restaurants to choose from nearby if you wish to purchase lunch (at your own expense).

Next, you will see the world's longest beach and, if you wish, take a short stroll along the aptly-named Long Beach. It is a whopping 28 miles long and, while others contest the claim, the local people are adamant that their beach is the real deal.

Re-board your comfortable motorcoach and drive back to the ship.


Wear comfortable walking shoes. Total time on the Long Beach Peninsula is approximately two hours.