Dubrovnik & Cable Car in Focus with a Local Photographer

  • Port

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

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  • Wheelchair Accessible


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    Price over $151
  • Minimum Age

    Information not currently available.

  • Duration

    Approximately 6½ Hours

  • Meals Included


Set out on this excursion that is ideal both for photography enthusiasts and for those who just want to bring home the best possible holiday snapshots. A local photographer will mentor you, offering practical hints on framing the best shots of the fascinating architectural features you see today.

Stunning Venetian and Dalmatian architecture await you on your walking tour through the unbelievably photogenic Old Town of Dubrovnik -- a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit the 15th-century Rector's Palace. This large relatively large palazzo was the seat of government and home to the Rector the independent maritime Republic of Dubrovnik, abolished by Napoleon in 1808. The nearby cathedral was built on the remains of the original, destroyed in 1667 by a disastrous earthquake.

View from the outside the Sponza Palace, noteworthy for its columned courtyard with elaborate stone carvings, as well as the Church of Saint Blaise and Onofriou's Fountain.

Relax over lunch at a restaurant housed in the former harbormaster's building, located in the beautiful Old Port of Dubrovnik -- another magnificent photo subject.

A short minibus ride brings you to the lower cable car station. Hop aboard a restored Dubrovnik Cable Car gondola for the ride to the top of Srdj Hill. At the top, take amazing photos of the stupendous view below -- gorgeous Dubrovnik with its orange-tile rooftops, the crenellated city walls, and the beautiful Adriatic backdrop. There may be no finer view in all of Europe.

Head back down to the Ploce Gate, just a short walk from the tender pier.


Onofriou's fountain may still be undergoing renovation at the time of your visit. Wear comfortable non-skid walking shoes. The stone streets in the Old Town are worn smooth and can be slippery. Bring your camera.