The Acropolis in 3D

  • Port

    Piraeus (Athens), Greece

  • Activity Level


  • Excursion Type


  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • Cost


    Price between $51-$100
  • Minimum Age

    Information not currently available.

  • Duration

    Approximately 4½ Hours

  • Meals Included


Here's something very new and quite fun. Your visit to the monuments of the Acropolis is enhanced by the use of Augmented Reality (AR) software. What is this? It's super-simple to use and enjoy -- you're provided with a tablet whose AR capability combines the camera's content with a virtual world. What you view on the screen is a mixture of the real-time camera's video and some virtual elements. This allows you to simply point the tablet's camera at various locations on the site and view them in their original form -- as they once stood thousands of years ago! It sounds incredible, and it is. This is actually an amazing opportunity to see the Acropolis as it was in its heyday.

Depart Piraeus and enjoy a panoramic drive through Athens, passing the Temple of Olympian Zeus -- one of the largest temples in Corinthian style. Watch for Hadrian's Arch which separated the Greek city from Hadrian's new Roman city.

You'll pass the Monument of the Unknown Soldier and catch a glimpse of the Evzoni Guards in their unusual and very eye-catching uniforms.

View from the comfort of your coach the University, the National Academy and the Library, impressive buildings constructed during the neo-Classical period, and the Panathenaic Stadium built in 1896 for the first modern Olympic Games. There will be a photo stop, traffic permitting.

Visit the breathtaking Acropolis, the Ancient City that boasts traces of buildings from various periods dating back to the Mycenean era of the second millennium BC. Use your AR-enabled tablet to have some fun bouncing back and forth between the modern view in front of you and the virtual 'ancient view'. The principal buildings here are the Propylaia, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheon and the Parthenon. The latter dates back to the 5th century BC -- the age of the glorious Pericles. Delight in the breathtaking panorama of the city below.

Enjoy some free time on the Acropolis to fully appreciate the AR; then, meet up with your coach and guide at a pre-arranged time and place, and return to Piraeus.


Wear comfortable walking shoes.

Use of an audio headset (included) will enhance your tour experience.