The Best of Olympia

  • Port

    Katakolon (Olympia), Greece

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    Information not currently available.

  • Wheelchair Accessible


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    Price over $151
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  • Duration

    Approximately 7 Hours

  • Meals Included


Travel through the valley countryside between the Alfios and Klados Rivers to Ancient Olympia.

Set out on a walking tour that brings antiquity to life, from the ruins of the Temple of Zeus to the stadium where the Olympic Games began.

Your guide offers an insight into ancient history as you view the ruined Temples of Hera and Zeus. The latter is where the gold and ivory Statue of the Olympian Zeus -- one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World -- was housed.

Don't miss the stadium, where the marble starting blocks are still in position after nearly 1,500 years. In 2004, this ancient site relived its glory days for just a moment, when the modern Olympics shot-put contest was held here.

The Archaeological Museum is just a short walk from the stadium. On display are treasures unearthed by more than a century of excavation. See parts of the pediment from the Temple of Zeus, including scenes commemorating Pelops' chariot race and illustrating the mythical war between the Centaurs and the Lapiths. Don't miss the Hermes of Praxiteles and the Winged Victory (Nike) of Paionios -- the figure inscribed on all the 2004 Olympic medals. A helmet inscribed 'Miltiades' once belonged to the commander whose forces defeated the Persians at Marathon.

You will also visit the Ancient Olympic Games Museum, set in a beautiful neo-Classical building overlooking Olympia. Learn about the different events the ancient athletes competed in and view archaeological finds from Olympia -- site of the classical games for more than a millennium.

A Greek lunch, accompanied by wine, is served in a leading restaurant in the modern village of Olympia. You will have time to browse for souvenirs nearby.


Extensive walking is required over gravel and uneven paths. Wear sturdy walking shoes. You may be required to cross a bridge with 25 steps in order to reach the Archaeological Museum. Please realistically assess your physical fitness and ability prior to booking. Flash photography is not allowed in the museums. Bring a hat. Shade is limited; please dress accordingly. Bring a hat and wear sunscreen. Use of an audio headset (included) will enhance your tour experience. The Ancient Olympic Games Museum is closed on Mondays; a visit to Mercouri Vineyards, with a glass of wine, will be substituted.