The Sweet City of Aveiro

  • Port

    Leixoes (Porto), Portugal

  • Activity Level


  • Excursion Type


  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • Cost


    Price between $51-$100
  • Minimum Age

    Information not currently available.

  • Duration

    Approximately 4 Hours

  • Meals Included


Once a seaweed boat and now your transportation for this fun excursion, a moliceiro is a type of boat that is unique to Portugal's Aveiro region. Step aboard and you're off to explore the inland Aveiro channels, which boast calm waters and offer a 'highway' through the city that showcases it from a waterside perspective.

You'll come ashore for an interesting workshop at the Oficina do Doce Fabric that shows you how a food specialty of the region -- ovos moles -- is made. It's difficult to translate this name, but is often described as 'sweet soft eggs'. This confection features an egg-based center encased in a thin crust of delicious pastry.

Learn more about ovos moles and other typical local pastries by watching a fascinating short movie about Aveiro's history and culinary traditions. After the movie, visit the production process and a couple of volunteers will be able to join in and assist with the filling and cutting of these tasty treats. Of course, samples are offered to everyone.


Wear comfortable walking shoes. Not advisable for guests using a wheelchair.