Dive Fakarava: One-Tank Certified Dive

  • Port

    Fakarava, Tuamotu, French Polynesia

  • Activity Level


  • Excursion Type


  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • Starting At


  • Minimum Age

    Information not currently available.

  • Duration

    Approximately 2 Hours

  • Meals Included


Scuba diving is available, fun and consistent all year round in French Polynesia. The water is warm (79°F to 84°F) and, thanks to amazing visibility (usually from 70 to 150 feet), a great number of large species can be observed around most of the islands -- turtles, sting rays, eagle rays, jackfish, barracudas, sharks, eels, Napoleon wrasses, dolphins, tunas, schools of snappers, numerous species of shells and nudibranchs. Most of the dives in French Polynesia are classified Open Water/Advanced Open Water (PADI) or Level I, II (CMAS). It all happens within 30 to 80 feet below the surface, for the enjoyment of everyone.


Wear your swimsuit; bring a towel. Waiver release form must be signed and medical conditions disclosed. A dive and medical questionnaire must be completed 24 hours prior to the dive. A valid medical certificate is recommended. Bring your C-card and log book. An initiation dive will be offered for those not meeting the Certified Dive criteria. Should a diver be refused or not able to dive on the spot for any reason, the dive will not be refunded. Please check with DAN (Divers Alert Network) or specific travel insurance companies to ensure full coverage before diving and for recommendations about dive fitness. Each diver should know and control his/her personal limits. Divers should have a reasonable level of physical fitness to cope with the environmental stresses of being underwater. Participants must know how to swim, be comfortable in the water, and be able to cope with occasional currents. Do not touch or step on the coral reef, or touch any underwater animals for safety and environmental reasons. As a general rule, please note that no diving is allowed within the 12 to 24 hours prior to a domestic or international flight. Equipment (tank, weight, weight belt, BCD, regulators with gauges, mask, snorkel, fins) is provided. Dive computers are usually available to rent. Light wetsuits or skin suits are sufficient for thermal protection and can be provided by the dive operators upon request. Wildlife sightings are likely but are not guaranteed. Minimum age is 12 years.

Special rules apply for guests over the age of 75 years:

1. The diver must provide a medical certificate (less than one year old) indicating that the diver can practice diving.

2. The diver must have his/her own diving insurance and must provide a certificate. Please note that the demand for diving insurance by DAN for divers over 75 years must be accompanied by a medical certificate. The analysis of this medical certificate by DAN may take up to a month. Therefore, divers over the age of 75 cannot purchase this insurance on the spot at Topdive. They must be insured before their arrival at Topdive.

3. The number of dives per day is limited to two.