Night Safari

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    Local Sightseeing, All

  • Wheelchair Accessible


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  • Minimum Age

    Information not currently available.

  • Duration

    Approximately 4 Hours

  • Meals Included


The Night Safari is the world's first wildlife park purpose-built to be viewed at night. It is not an ordinary zoo simply illuminated by night or a modern version of nocturnal houses found in many zoos. Set in 98 acres of dense secondary forest, the Night Safari offers visitors the rather fascinating experience of observing wildlife in a tropical jungle at night.

Through the use of subtle lighting techniques, guests are able to view the 1,000 nocturnal animals of 100 different species in vast natural habitats. Watch the Cape buffalo, African bongo, blue sheep, striped hyena, golden jackal, the greater one-horned rhinoceros and many others roaming freely through the Night Safari's lush grounds on a relaxing, open-air tram ride that slowly weaves through the enclosure.

Alternatively, you can choose to stroll along some of the many walking trails designed for safety and set amid a lush tropical forest.


Wear comfortable walking shoes. This tour is available only to guests whose cruise does not begin or end in Singapore.