Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Located in the north sector of the sprawling metropolis of Jakarta, Tanjung Priok is considered Indonesia's most technologically advanced seaport—and it's also the country's busiest. Escape the industrial feel of the port as soon as you can, and brace yourself to dive into Indonesia's capital city. Jakarta positively buzzes—with people, cars, motos and the sheer kinetic energy of a megalopolis home to nearly 10 million people. Once you get past the pollution and dripping humidity, there's much to see. It's best to break the city down into bits for any chance at digesting it. Jakarta's old town—the former Batavia, now called Kota Tua—is a heritage area with decaying but beautiful colonial buildings and atmospheric restaurants. Visit Sunda Kelapa Harbor to watch fishermen hauling in their fresh catches and admire the pretty, high-prowed Bugis boats docked there, called phinisis. Or join hordes of Indonesians as they make the pilgrimage to their independence monument, Monas. As with any enormous city, just strolling around offers a feast for the senses (do come on an empty stomach as you'll definitely want to dig into all of Jakarta's street food options from across the archipelago, too).  

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