Port Lincoln, Australia

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Up the coast from Adelaide, Australia, the nutrient-rich waters and sheltered bays surrounding the Eyre Peninsula—bounded by the Spencer Gulf to its east and the Great Australian Bight, an enormous bay, to its west—support an abundant marine life. And that marine life, in turn, supports Port Lincoln, a town at the tip of the peninsula that's the seafood capital of South Australia. In addition to ensuring delicious tuna and plump oysters on local menus, the wealth of fish means there is a variety of wildlife here, including aquatic birds, sea lions, dolphins, whales and great white sharks. (For the particularly adventurous, there are opportunities to join the sharks in their natural habitat by signing up for a cage dive).Among the highlights of Port Lincoln are the spectacular views of Boston Bay (a natural harbor three times the size of Sydney’s), mansions built by local tuna millionaires and several interesting art and handicrafts galleries. Nearby Coffin Bay is home to oyster farms where you can sample one of the area’s most famous products, as well as a national park with wild ponies. The Eyre Peninsula also has several award-winning vineyards that produce wines to complement your visit to Port Lincoln.