Marghera (Venice), Italy

To preserve fragile Venice, cruise ships dock in Marghera, Italy. It’s a quick trip from industrial Marghera to Venice — the train from Porto Marghera to the Santa Lucia station takes about 10 minutes.

Venice was built for romance, not rushing. When you arrive, marvel at the stunning impossibility of La Serenissima. Stroll narrow passageways, ride the vaporetto (water bus) and pop into the family-owned pizzerias, bookstores, and shops. Book shore excursions early! The most popular sites attract long lines, but they are worth the wait. 

Make your way to St. Mark’s Square. Built between the 9th and 12th century, it is home to historic sites, including the extraordinary Basilica di San Marco. An elevator to the top of St. Mark’s Campanile pays off in panoramas of winding canals, domed cathedrals and terracotta rooftops. Encounter a masterpiece of Venetian Gothic architecture at Doge’s Palace, built as an opulent residence for the leader of the former Republic of Venice. 

Top 3 Things to Do in Marghera (Venice), Italy

1 Doge’s Palace Tour the lavish interiors of an extraordinary palace built in 1340.
2 Rialto Bridge Check out bustling markets on your way across.
3 Grand Canal Watch the mesmerizing boat traffic or get on the water.