Majuro, Marshall Islands

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The Marshall Islands, strung out across the Pacific waters like a beautiful necklace, are world-famous for a tropical paradise atmosphere, for coral reefs filled with exotic fish, for historical sites from WWII and for a wealth of indigenous culture. The capital of the islands is Majuro, a city on the Majuro atoll, which itself is spread over 64 tiny islands and contains half of the Marshall Islands' population (about 35,000 residents), as well as most of the country's tourism infrastructure. This includes a welcoming and bustling port, an international airport, and several hotels and restaurants. The main attractions for many visitors? Those endless golden beaches, crystal clear seas and secluded lagoons. In addition to the colorful reefs, divers can explore WWII shipwrecks like the USS Saratoga—the world's only diveable aircraft carrier and the biggest diveable wreck in the world. Nondivers can enjoy scenic boat rides and even bird-watching trips between the atolls, as well as learn all about the history and people of the Marshall Islands at the Alele Museum.