La Possession, Reunion

Plunked in the deep-blue Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is an ambrosial tropical paradise with active volcanos and many waterfalls. Cruises to Reunion Island port in La Possession, a town on the northwest side that spills to the sea from jagged emerald peaks. As a French overseas department, Reunion Island is French-speaking and has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it a favorite of visitors. Relax on a sugar-sand beach or explore the jungles; there’s plenty to do. Hike through lush forest to stand near the welcoming spray of waterfalls and to see fairytale villages tucked in dormant volcano calderas. Take in wafts of cinnamon, clove and vanilla from the Island’s spice and perfume oil plantations. Revisit Reunion Island’s history at ruins from the lazaret (quarantine station) near La Possession. No matter if it is a few hours or several days, time on Reunion Island is unforgettable