Himeji, Japan

Himeji, Japan is best known for Himeji Castle, a magnificent snow-white castle that looks over the city from its hilltop. One of Japan’s twelve original castles, it is called “White Heron” because its design resembles a heron taking flight. At over 400 years old, the castle complex has withstood World War II bombings, several natural disasters and the test of time. It’s not only Japan’s best-preserved feudal castle, it’s the biggest, with more than 80 rooms spread across multiple baileys that are connected by gates and curving paths. One of the most popular things to do in Himeji and a highlight of Asia cruises, a tour of the castle takes a few hours. Lines tend to get long, so be prepared. Wind through the fascinating, maze-like grounds and learn how the castle’s structure protects it from attackers. Be treated to a breathtaking view at the top. Take note of the fish roof tiles thought to protect Himeji from fire and the Marugawara tiles marked with family crests. The walled Koko-en Garden is worth a visit, especially during cherry blossom season. Top off your visit to Himeji by shopping for Japanese sweets, known as wagashi or noshing on okonomiyaki, savory pancakes. 

Top 3 Things To Do In Himeji, Japan

1 Himeji Castle Explore one of Japan’s twelve original castles, an UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s over 400 years old.
2 Koko-en Garden Wander calming waterfalls and koi ponds in the nine distinct walled gardens next to the castle.
3 Mount Shosha Hike Mt. Shosha and visit Engyoji, a thousand-year-old temple built in the mountain’s thick forests.

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