There's never been a more exhilarating way to explore some of the unique destinations on our EXC In-depth Voyages than by nimble, inflatable Zodiac boats that bring you closer to amazing flora, fauna and ecosystems.

Get Closer on a Zodiac

Our Zodiac boats take you to places you can’t reach any other way—from mangrove marshlands to remote, uninhabited islands. Throughout each fascinating excursion, you’ll be guided by the same experts you'll be learning from on board.

Choose Your Adventure

Whether swimming among vibrant coral, tropical fish and maybe a dolphin or turtle, or taking in the architectural treasures that line a glittering capital’s river banks, our growing roster of Zodiac tours offer unique and enriching encounters.


To book an In-Depth Explorations Zodiac tour,
please call 1-888-425-9376 or login to your account.

* Zodiac excursions can be found in the tours section by filtering in Areas of Interest by Active Exploration.

Featured Excursions

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Fiji Island Paradise by Zodiac

Venture into the seldom-visited southern reaches of the Dravuni Archipelago.

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Kangaroo Island’s Coastline by Zodiac

Explore Kangaroo Island’s scenic coastline and enjoy close-up views of marine life.

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Island Zodiac Adventure

Discover the coral reefs, white-sand beaches and marine life of the Papua New Guinea.

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