Few destinations hit all the items on travelers’ wish lists like a cruise to Mexico. For those in search of sun and surf, seaside resorts await. Experience the culture and explore the beautiful town of Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and more.  Explore ancient cities constructed by the Aztecs, Maya and other storied civilizations. If you are passionate about food, a cruise to Mexico is a revelation; UNESCO recognized the country’s cuisine for its preservation of age-old culinary techniques. A Mexico cruise is perfect for the traveler interested in natural wonders, sights include sanctuaries for marine life, the deserts of the north and the rain forests of the south. Enjoy an array of activities like zip-lining in a tropical forest or whale watching off the coast of Cabos San Lucas on one of the many shore excursions on a cruise to Mexico.  Whatever draws you to Mexico, Holland America Line has the perfect Mexico cruise for you along with a welcome as warm as the country’s sun-kissed climate.