Michelangelo’s “David,” haloed in the Tuscan light, seems ready to descend from his pediment. A year-round ice bar in Stockholm welcomes visitors with warm parkas and chilled vodka. The aroma of jamon and grilled peppers beckon from the tapas bars of Las Ramblas. Everyone has a dream of a Europe cruise. And at Holland America Line, we can bring those Europe cruise dreams to life with rich itineraries in Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic.

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Cruises To Europe

Mediterranean Europe Cruise

Let your dream Europe cruise take you to walk the medieval wall that guards Dubrovnik’s charms. Explore Rome’s legendary Colosseum or to shop Monaco’s boutiques. Sample succulent tapas in Barcelona. All of this is possible on a cruise to Europe.

Northern Europe Cruise

From the fairy-tale charm of Copenhagen to the ornate onion-domed churches of St. Petersburg to the majestic beauty of Norway’s fjords, Northern Europe offers a smorgasbord of travel delights.

Transatlantic Europe Cruise

With more time at sea and more out-of-the-way ports, there’s much to explore on your cruise to Europe—both on and off your ship. Discover the medieval art of Cherbourg. Stroll the gardens of Madeira. Relax and enjoy yourself.

Featured European Cruise Ports

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Barcelona, Spain

On the northeast coast of Spain, overlooking the Mediterranean, Barcelona is a vibrant port city, packed with centuries of iconic art and architecture—Gaudí and Picasso both called it home—and lined with sunny white-sand beaches. Explore the Catalan capital.
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St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia, emerged from the vision of one man, Czar Peter the Great, at the beginning of the 18th century and was the country’s capital for 200 years, until the Russian Revolution. Pushkin called it Russia's "window to Europe," and like Venice and Amsterdam, two cities that inspired Peter, the city was built on a network of canals. Explore one of St. Peterburg many canals and bridges on a European cruise to the Baltic Sea.

Among the city's tourist attractions, the Hermitage is its most famous. It is one of the world’s greatest art museums, and the largest museum in the world—with almost three million objects collected in five buildings. Performing arts, too, abound: Many of Russia’s greatest ballets, plays and operas have premiered at the Mariinsky Theatre. Nearby, the summer residences of the czars, including Peterhof, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are dazzling gilded Baroque palaces for sightseeing in St. Petersburg. Cruise to the Baltic Sea and tour beautiful palaces during the day and in the evening experience the beautiful sound of opera or the graceful art of the ballet on a shore excursions in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is at its most beautiful during the famous White Nights, when summer days stretch late into evening hours. Residents make the most of the period with festivals and concerts and fun things to do, and the city’s many pastel-colored buildings and neoclassical palaces glow in the warm light of the long days. Enjoy St. Petersburg and many different countries on a Baltic Cruise  with Holland America. 

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Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

Rome is both a modern bustling city and an ancient open-air museum. You can walk in the footsteps of emperors, have coffee in Renaissance piazzas and see contemporary art all in one afternoon. Your sightseeing time in Rome begins at the nearby port of Civitavecchia.

Explore Great Cuisines on your Cruise to Europe


Whether shopping in Barcelona, cooking with a Spanish chef or touring a distillery in Reykjavik and sharing a toast with the owner, experience Europe with FOOD & WINE®.

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