From the fairy-tale charm of Copenhagen to the ornate onion-domed churches of St. Petersburg to the majestic beauty of Norway’s fjords, Northern Europe offers a smorgasbord of travel delights. 

Iconic Capitals and Locales

Spectacular Fjords of Norway

Travel deep into the heart of the fjords, where waterfalls adorn the surrounding cliffs and charming villages pop up at the most unexpected locations.

Enchanting Copenhagen

Known for its fairy-tale charms and sophisticated art scene, Copenhagen offers such delights as Tivoli Gardens; the Amalienborg’s four matching palaces; Kronberg Castle in Elsinore, the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet; and harborside cafés.

Imperial St. Petersburg

Russian culture at its most spectacular is showcased in St. Petersburg. Roam the manicured gardens of Peterhof’s Palace and the gilded opulence of Catherine’s Palace. Enjoy an evening at the ballet or a performance by dancing Cossacks.

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