The 10 Best Caribbean Beaches

The Caribbean is blessed with many colorful beaches, from secret coves to city-side waterfronts that stretch for miles. Craft the beach vacation of your dreams. Shoot photos of Aruba’s wind-twisted fofoti trees. Climb up waterfalls in Jamaica. Rent a private cabana on Half Moon Cay and have the island time of your life.

Here are 10 of the best Caribbean beaches to discover on a cruise.

1. Half Moon Cay

Half Moon Cay's beach has two miles of untouched, sun-washed sand gently lapped by turquoise waters and a wide swath of amenities and activities. Ride a horse into the crystal surf, kayak the blue lagoon or let the day unfold from the comfort of a lounger. 

A kid’s waterpark, gentle waves, and lifeguard-attended swimming spots make it one of the best Caribbean beaches for families. All of our Caribbean cruises offer a day at this exquisite, top-rated private island.

2. Eagle Beach, Aruba

Eagle Beach is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and it tops the list of best beaches in the world. It has a long stretch of velvety sand and plenty of water sport rentals. 

But the most remarkable aspect of Eagle Beach isn’t the beach at all—it’s the trees! Eagle Beach is home to fofoti trees, known for their unique, wind-twisted silhouettes that point in the same direction. 

If you’re visiting Eagle Beach, pack a camera and snap away at Aruba’s most photographed trees. 

3. Arashi Beach, Aruba

If you’re looking for the best Caribbean beaches for snorkeling, Arashi—about a 25-minute drive from Oranjestad—is the place to go. The waters are calm, it is less busy than some of the other beaches in Aruba, and the reefs teem with vibrant fish.

4. Carlisle Bay, Barbados 

This dazzling, crescent-shaped harbor is not just pretty; it’s home to historical artifacts, including the Charles Fort and Lighthouse and a military cemetery. Those who want to play in the water will have plenty of excursions. Social butterflies can “belly up” to one of many beachside bars for frozen drinks and good conversation.

5. Magens Bay, St. Thomas

With all the stunning beaches on St. Thomas, Magen’s Bay is widely considered the prettiest with its smooth, cerulean bay dotted with yachts and lined with a mile-long stretch of sugary sand. Another best Caribbean beach for families, lifeguards are on duty daily, and there are paddleboat rentals, kayaks and more available. 

6. Sosua Beach, The Dominican Republic 

An hour from Amber Cove, the Dominican Republic’s Sosua Beach is beloved by locals and visitors alike. Dip into placid waters, sunbathe on soft sand or visit one of the many bustling eateries lining the shore. If you’re looking for a quick trip to the beach, consider a shore excursion to Coconut Cove.

7. Mullet Bay, St. Maarten

Find one of the best Caribbean beaches for snorkeling on Sint Maarten, about a twenty-minute taxi ride from the cruise port. Travelers love this horseshoe-shaped bay because of its updated amenities, small boardwalk and a profusion of fish. There’s plenty of room to unwind in this serene location. 

8. NO Name Beach & Pink Beach, Bonaire

Bonaire is known for its pristine wilderness: candelabra cacti, salt flats frequented by flamingos, wide reefs filled with neon marine life. The beaches are sublime, and we couldn’t pick just one. A day trip to NO Name Beach offers an authentic deserted-island feel with no shops or facilities on sight.

Pink Beach gets a spot on our best Caribbean beaches list because of its unusual rosy hue. Really, you can’t go wrong with Bonaire beaches. 

9. Playa El Cielo, Cozumel

Seekers of sun and sand, snorkelers, and divers will find paradise in Cozumel, an island off of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. There is plenty of beach to go around and beach club excursions that offer a resort-style experience. Playa El Cielo entices with jewel-toned fish and sea stars, shallow sand bars and aqua-marine waters.

Experience Cozumel on our Western Caribbean cruises

10. Little Dunn’s River Beach, Jamaica

A few minutes from Ocho Rios, Little Dunn’s River Beach has the best of both worlds—cold freshwater from its popular (and climbable) waterfalls and warm turquoise sea. The beach is a narrow strip of sand, but the travertine waterfalls are a unique natural phenomenon and a must-see. 

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