Located in the middle of the Atlantic, Bermuda offers a unique mix of Caribbean and British cultures. The island’s British roots date from 1609, when a ship captained by Sir George Somers wrecked...

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

New England’s largest city, Boston, Massachusetts, is home to historic sights and modern neighborhoods; stores and restaurants with old-time character; and gracious green spaces as well as a beautiful waterfront. Legendary figures of the American Revolution come alive at buildings and attractions along Boston’s Freedom Trail, including the Paul Revere House and Old South Meeting House, and in Lexington and Concord just outside Boston. Each of Boston’s neighborhoods has its own personality and things to do, whether you’re enjoying the food of the North End’s Little Italy, admiring the beautiful 19th-century architecture of Beacon Hill or watching the street performers in Cambridge’s Harvard Square.

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Hamilton, Bermuda

Maybe it's kismet that Bermuda with its legendary pink sands and turquoise waters is shaped like a fishhook—the marquee attractions are all related to the sea. In the middle of the Atlantic, the island's main cities, Hamilton and St. George's, are lined with colonial buildings in pastel colors. Hamilton, the capital and where cruise ships arrive, is home to the enormous Royal Naval Dockyard. A microcosm of Bermuda, it artfully blends the present with the past. And while cars are not available for rent, you can hop a scooter and explore the 53-square-kilometer (20-square-mile) island from end to end.

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