Visit Guam on a Holland America Line cruise and experience the island “where America’s day begins.” Guam played an important role in WWII, one you can revisit while touring the War in the Pacific National Park and Asan Beach, where Americans reclaimed the island. Venture further into the past at Latte Stone Park, where you’ll find 2nd-century latte stone pillars, the foundations of elevated homes constructed by the Chamorro people. And explore historic Plaza de España, once the seat of colonial administrations, during your Guam adventure.

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Guam (US Territory), Guam

Guam is a beautiful island with a unique mix of American, Pacific and Spanish cultures, but because of its history—and because it's a U.S. territory, not some fascinating foreign country—a lot of people pass the island by, looking for something more exotic. Another possible reason for the tourism lag was that the island was actually sealed off from visitors for many years. Yet somehow modern Guam, the largest of the Mariana Islands (yep, the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean, is right out there), has become a sampler plate of the Pacific.

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