AFAR Top Picks for The Perfect Mediterranean Cruise

Journey through the Old World charm of Barcelona, the legendary lands of Mykonos and the epic wonders of Rome and Dubrovnik. This is your chance to discover it all for yourself. And there’s no better travel partner than Holland America Line to help you explore it all.

9- to 13-Day Mediterranean Legends

Retrace the journeys of the ancient Normans, Greeks and Romans along the storied waters of the Mediterranean, Ionian and Adriatic seas. Along the way, discover the people whose vibrant culture preserves this rich and varied legacy.

11- or 12-Day Ancient Empires

Three legendary empires – Greek, Roman and Ottoman – lie at the heart of this fascinating adventure. Experience the best of all influences as you journey from crumbling ruins to chic boulevards teeming with friendly locals.

10- or 12-Day Mediterranean Rivieras

The coastlines of Italy, France and Spain hold a timeless appear. The warm, golden Mediterranean light inspires artists (Cézanne, Picasso and Van Gogh, to name a few), ripens olives and kindles romance. Who can resist?